On-Board Diagnostics security

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Do you have your OBD unit under control?

The OBD unit is a great plus for vehicle servicing, but a very weak spot in terms of vehicle theft protection.

The OBD may be misused for unauthorized entry by car thieves who can use the unit, e.g., for connecting their laptop to the vehicle, download the software, and deactivate the immobilizer.



Construct OBD (hereafter “product”) is made by CONSTRUCT A&D, a.s., IČ: 26233177, located at Františkov 220, Velké Meziříčí, Postcode 594 01 (hereafter “manufacturer“).




Easy-to-use operation

Lock the mechanical security device, Construct OBD, after installation and unlock it only when you leave your car at the service shop. 

Read the Instructions carefully, or ask the installation company that installed the OBD unit for a demonstration how to use it.




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Hand help for car services as well as thieves

Since 2000, the year of the enactment of standards defined in  ISO 9141 norms, every newly manufactured vehicle has been required to be fitted with a mandatory on-board diagnostics unit. Car manufacturers use this unit for controlling the vehicle’s functions.

Unfortunately, the unit can also be used for unauthorized access to the vehicle. For instance, car thieves may misuse the OBD for connecting the car to their laptop, downloading the software within a few seconds, and deactivating the car’s immobilizer.

It is therefore important to have an effective protection for your car’s OBD to prevent inappropriate use of it, in particular, by:

  • preventing the possibility of connecting to an alien equipment for downloading the vehicle’s software to deactivate the factory-installed immobilizer
  • preventing the possibility of duplicating the car’s remote control
  • preventing the installation of a control unit specially adjusted for theft

Violation = destruction of OBD

The security device protecting OBD is simple to install – it does not disturb the vehicle’s exterior or interior.  Violation of OBD leads to the destruction of the unit, so that it becomes unusable for the thief.

The system is made of high-quality steel which is complemented by a plastic part that protects the connector. The customer obtains two keys for locking and unlocking the OBD unit as necessary at the car service.

Construct OBD is currently available for the following vehicles:

  • OBD01 - Škoda Superb II
  • OBD02 - Škoda Octavia III
  • OBD03 - Škoda Rapid
  • OBD04 - Škoda Fabia II, Škoda Roomster
  • OBD05 - Škoda Citigo
  • OBD06 - Škoda Yeti
  • OBD07 - Škoda Fabia III


Validity and scope of the warranty

The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on the quality of the product, beginning the date of installation in the vehicle. The installation date must be marked in the Warranty Slip. The warranty includes entitlement to a replacement or repair of the defective product caused by faulty manufacture (material or process).

The warranty does not apply to defects caused by unprofessional installation or installation carried out without following accurately the Instructions for Installation, enclosed in the package with the product. Furthermore, the warranty does not apply: (a) if the product is used for an unapproved type of door; (b) to defects accountable to mechanical damage of the product or a part thereof; or (c) to common wear of the product; or (d) in the event of unprofessional intervention, use of the product in a manner contradictory to its purpose, elementary event, or failure to follow the manufacturer’s Operating Instructions.


The buyer has to claim a defective product immediately upon detection, without undue delay, but no later than by the end of the warranty period. Apparent defects must be claimed immediately upon the return of the vehicle from the product’s installation.

Claims have to be filed in writing and the existence of the defect properly documented. The buyer is obliged to enclose the Warranty Slip and two keys. No claim will be processed without the above particulars. When processing a claim, the manufacturer reserves the right to check the condition of the returned product. All warranty and after-sales repairs are handled by authorized installation companies or the manufacturer directly.



Operating Instructions

  1. For locking the device, insert the key in the lock cylinder making sure that the lock cylinder’s security pin and the hole are in the right position.
  2. Turn the key clockwise by 90 degrees all the way to full stop and take the key out.
  3. Unlocking is done similarly – turn the key counterclockwise by 90 degrees and take the key out along with the lock cylinder.
  4. Do not use force when installing the lock cylinder.
  5. Never use a damaged or bent key in the lock cylinder.
  6. For proper control of the lock cylinder, always insert the key all the way to full stop.
  7. Pull the key out of the lock cylinder in straight position.
  8. Never put any alien particles into the profile canal of the lock cylinder.
  9. Use only special lubricants designated for greasing the lock cylinder.
  10. Never use oil or graphite.



Where can I get a Construct OBD installed?

You can get the Construct anti-theft device installed either at our sales-assembly centres in Prague or in Velké Meziříčí (contacts) or in your domicile by one of our authorised partners (link to selection of partners).

Can I buy a Construct OBD and install it by myself?

It is not possible to purchase a Construct product without professional assembly by trained technicians. Professional installation at an authorised service centre is a condition for warranty on the device.

What is the warranty on the Construct device?

The manufacturer provides two-year warranty after date of assembly in the vehicle. The assembly date must be stated in the Warranty and Service Book. 

How many keys do I get with the Construct OBD?

Components of the Construct OBD are 2 original keys and a security card that contains the code for manufacture of spare keys.

Where can I order production of a replacement key?

The replacement keys are ordered directly from Construct.

If you have a security card, we shall make the replacement key for you within 14 days. Additional information here. A replacement key cannot be provided in the absence of the security card. In this case, we recommend replacement of the entire device at a bargain price. Additional information here.

Is it possible to order a replacement key without a security card?

This is not possible without a security card. The SECURITY CARD contains the numerical code essential for production of the key and we do not keep a record of these codes for security reasons. It is therefore necessary to replace the entire Construct mechanical security device under bargain conditions. Additional information here.

It is possible to change the lock cylinder?

It is not possible to change only the lock cylinder, but it is possible to replace the entire device with a new one at a bargain price. Additional information here. (link to Replacement of mechanical device)

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